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How I changed a word and improved my internet advertising by 277%

internet-advertising I’ve been using pay per click ( PPC) or more specifically google adwords for my internet advertising for quite some time and I would like to show you I swapped a word and actually make a huge difference in ad performance.

How did words affect my internet ads?

If you’re new to PPC, this is for you. Many new comers to internet advertising, me included, thinks that when I put an ad out there, people will just click on it and business comes automatically. Guess what? WRONG! The proper way to launch a PPC campaign is to first do some proper keyword research.  Refer to my past post on keyword. Well after you have done your keyword and found the hot market that people are raving about. It’s time to put up some ads to capture some of those customers.

Take a look at this screen capture from a portion of my adwords campaign run just over a week. Click on it for an enlarged version.


Try to spot the difference between the ad copy of the 2 (the left most column) one reads

“Grab your cool site now” and the other says “Grab your beautiful website now”.  On the 6th column is the click through rate (CTR) of the ad which means how many times people click on it compared to the number of times it was shown. Read how to get there from wikipedia-CTR. Guess what? With just a difference of 1 word “cool” vs “beautiful” only 2 viewers liked a “cool” site while 25 loved the “beautiful” site. CTR went up from 0.09% to 0.25% that’s a whopping 277% difference!

How to do internet advertising (PPC) properly?

When you start a campaign, do not just write 1 version of the text, also called the “copy”. Here is a step by step.

– Make at least 20 variations of the ad to test out how viewers receive your internet advertising.
– Change only 1 element in each test. eg: swap only 1 word, test out a period (.) with a comma (,)
– If you make drastic changes to the copy, test different elements and words in this new version
– Get at least 20 copies out and test it out for at least a week.
– Pause (do not delete) ads that perform poorly, you will be able to learn from these in future
– Duplicate ads that does well, pause it, duplicate it and change other elements in it to test how it performs
– Repeat

What is a good CTR?

There is no hard and fast number for a “good” CTR and the best CTR are those that improves and Google looks at several aspects to give each ad a quality score. I know, I know. I was once in your shoes as a beginner and looking for that holy grail of numbers to start with. To give you something visual and logical to work on.  Try to aim for starters something above 0.15% and keep improving your ad copy. In some industries, it is possible to get CTR to 3% or more but in some 0.5% is considered superbly excellent!

So don’t fret too much over the CTR and just keep improving your internet advertising skills!

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