August 2013

Social media monitoring systematically

Social media monitoring made easy

Anyone who’s tried monitoring the internet for their own business or companies without a unique name will find it almost impossible to do so without sifting through all the noise.  Take Hewlett-Packard for example, the community knows them for HP due to their good branding exercise.  However, if you were to do a social media monitor search for hp on tools like social mention you’ll be in for a good surprise!  A whole load of references to some foreign languages and mobile phones (some places like Singapore refer to mobile phones as handphones – hp)

So how do we filter out the noise?

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How I changed a word and improved my internet advertising by 277%

internet-advertising I’ve been using pay per click ( PPC) or more specifically google adwords for my internet advertising for quite some time and I would like to show you I swapped a word and actually make a huge difference in ad performance.

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Great weekend ahead!

We are working up new packages to help individuals and businesses succeed online. Stay tuned!

Let us know if there’s anything we can help you online!

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