October 2013

Getting past Analytics keyword not provided

GoogleAGoogle has interestingly increased it’s security and most keywords that lands on your site by users that are logged in will show up as (not provided)

So how would you know which direction is your site headed if you do not know how your visitors found you?

Here’s a quick workaround to get some keywords for your site.

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Lean Marketing

lean marketing DIYWhat does lean marketing mean to you?

For most entrepreneurs and start ups, the mention of marketing brings about the image of big bills and large expenses.  For start ups, we run lean and marketing being a necessity is about to go lean too.

Over at Ascend Marketing & Research, we teach start ups and aspiring bosses to attack entrepreneurship in a different angle.  Taking cues from the book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries, I have discovered that the process of finding early adopters or your customers first before having a product to sell is the best way to go.


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