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Make money online automatically – behind the scenes Part 1

The truth behind make money online programmesI’m sure this thought must have crossed your mind at some point of time.  I want to make money online and it is easy, fast and automated. The people behind these making money online sites probably do nothing all day and get money presented to the automatically?  That’s what the successful people portray and it seems all legit with the income statements to prove it to you. What goes behind the scene of these successful people who made it big online like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg?

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Starting with new Google Keyword Planner

google-keyword-tool-endingSo you heard, our good and trusty Google Keyword Tool will be retiring in the next few months.  So now what? Chaos! Chill.. all’s not lost, the new replacement Keyword Planner can do (almost) everything you used to do and more! Treat it as an upgrade! You win some and well.. you will miss some of the old stuff.

Let’s get down to using the new Keyword Planner!

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How to improve your internet marketing results with targeted keywords

Using the right keywords for internet marketingThe basics of keyword research for internet marketing is pretty standard, find a target root keyword, hit up a keyword tool like Google Adwords Keyword Tool and build on your list with suggestions by Google. As this Kissmetrics blog post shows you how you can do a basic and slightly more advanced system to get your online marketing done right by choosing the correct keywords.

I use a similar system to this but with a different set of keyword systemising category for different results.

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New Content Marketing Era

If you have never considered content marketing or do not know what it is, it’s time to start. The digital age is moving towards information sharing and is the next wave to catch us especially with the rising affordability of tablets and eBook readers (like Kindle fire HD going for 149USD)

Ebooks are also (almost) costless to produce and publish. If done well, you might be able to lend yourself some millions or like this author negotiate a 6 figure traditional book deal.

 Yups, the world is evolving and many new authors are creating valuable content everyday!

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Before you start social media marketing for your business

Social Media Marketing

There are some things you need to know before starting on a new social media marketing campaign. There are some things you’ll like to know. (Apparently 20 if you read this)

Not every business will get good returns from social media, and very obviously not all products or services can be marketed by social media. Take for example “radiation hardened memory chips”.  Sure enough every computer can do with more memory but how many will require them to be radiation proof ?  Not many I guess.

So if your company or business sells such niche products what can you do?

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Best online marketing resources available

Online marketing resources for everyone. Marketing online doesn’t have to be expensive, it should be affordable and leveraging on free resources such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Ascend marketing aims to be the best in online marketing employing only white hat practices to help businesses achieve success online. We will be posting more information about industry practices and collating the best in the internet for you. Stay tuned and subscribe to our Feeds for the latest updates!

To your internet success!

Yan Yew Kay

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