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Considerations for marketing via apps

GooglePlayIf you’re thinking about marketing your company, service or product via mobile apps then you probably have a lot to consider.

Firstly, you got to decide which platforms to start with. There are 4 main platform these days, Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry. So if you’re on a limited budget, which should you start with first?

The app platform war

The answer is clear, let’s do a Apple and Apple  Android comparison here because Windows and Blackberry has the smallest user base it is usually considered because of a niche market or you just have that extra cash to reach them.

Based on an inforgraphic released by Venture Beat in July market share for apps have leaned towards Google Play with 74.4% market share.  *Ouch* no brainer here where to head.  But we got to read deeper into the information given.  If we look at the daily revenue generated, Google Play generates 1.1million of sales vs 5.1million on the app store.

Along with another source from Android Headlines, Android has hit 1billion devices with 1 million apps.

What does this mean to you? If you are promoting free services, trials and use apps as part of your sales kit, then Android is the way to go.  If you are looking at getting paying customers for your app, you are better off marketing in Apple’s App Store.

Other Considerations

Development costs. Apple makes you pay to develop your app and run it on your own device, yes you need to buy an iPhone or iPad in order to deploy it onto the device to see how it runs.

Google on the other hand offers free SDK (software development kits) and an Android Emulator that closely emulates an Android device (on an ARM architecture for the geeks)

Also be aware of the publishing rules for Google vs Apple.  Google allows publishers to release an Alpha version to a Google+ group so that users can give you feedback before launching it on the Play store.

Apple, you got to publish it for users to try it out.

Which is better?

If you’re on a tight budget, and want to try your first app for marketing your services, I’ll suggest Android, ask the developer to make it iOS ready, which means there on screen back and menu buttons buttons (which are missing from Apple)  and it’ll be easy to port your Android app over to Apple.

Already have an app running? Share with us what did you do and how did it turn up for you!

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