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Getting past Analytics keyword not provided

GoogleAGoogle has interestingly increased it’s security and most keywords that lands on your site by users that are logged in will show up as (not provided)

So how would you know which direction is your site headed if you do not know how your visitors found you?

Here’s a quick workaround to get some keywords for your site.

As you see, most of my visitors contribute to the (not provided) row of Analytics, in order to get around this, you would need to use yet another Google tool which I hope you have signed up and linked from the birth of your website, if not it’s good to start now.

This other tool is called “Google Webmasters

Yups, head on down to your webmasters account, select your website profile and click on Search Traffic-> Search Queries



Wahlau! Lo and behold!


Now I know that of the 136 visits of (not provided) 36 came from 1 particular keyword (which I’m ranked 4th under wikipedia and some big boys), the remaining 99 visits were a combination of <10 visits.

Hope this will help you figure out where to go next with your web page SEO!

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