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lean marketing DIYWhat does lean marketing mean to you?

For most entrepreneurs and start ups, the mention of marketing brings about the image of big bills and large expenses.  For start ups, we run lean and marketing being a necessity is about to go lean too.

Over at Ascend Marketing & Research, we teach start ups and aspiring bosses to attack entrepreneurship in a different angle.  Taking cues from the book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries, I have discovered that the process of finding early adopters or your customers first before having a product to sell is the best way to go.


What is Lean Marketing?

The lean process describe by Eric is one that proposes a minimum or you can call it “bare-entry-level-minimum” product or service (minimum viable product).  There may not even be any backend that exists and everything may be done manually giving the impression of automation accomplishing a task in the front.  The whole point of this is to test if there is a market for your proposed product or service.  We “pivot” if the market isn’t interested or we improve and test it some more if we can find customers.  This way, you spend little money and effort to find out what the market wants and sell them the right stuff!

So what is lean marketing then?  In my way of putting it, it is a way of marketing, also aimed at being fast, low cost and importantly, finding out what the market really want.

Lean Marketing done online

With the increasing habit of users searching the net for information, the net has become a good place to use lean marketing.  In lean startup, we are usually testing something new that you are trying to create and sell to your customers, but if you’re like 90% of the other entrepreneurs that don’t have any idea what and how to market anything, who are my target audiences, what do they like, then lean marketing might be the thing for you.

In my lean marketing method, this is the steps I take

  1. Do keyword research, make sure to be specific and target geo location of your intended market, don’t go worldwide please. Target at least, your state as a start.
  2. Find out all relevant keywords and put them into groups for demographics (eg: age-related, hobby-related, etc..)
  3. Register a new domain name and create a website for each group of keywords, yes if you have 10 groups, you create 10 websites.
  4. Drive traffic to your site with any method you know
  5. Get your SEO basics right and make sure they end up at least on the first page of google for that keyword, remember we are location targeted so it should be a lot easier to rank in your state or city rather than worldwide.
  6. I hope you’re tracking all these effort with analytics.  Check for traffic flow and enquiry rate, setup goals for this.

Soon you’ll find that even though you might be on page 1 and first spot of search engine, some sites just don’t give you any results, despite what keyword planner tools says (avg 150 monthly searches).

I have successfully started several passive income streams from this method, testing what product sells, what doesn’t.  Even though it might be on first page of google, there is just no visitorships!

In my version of  lean marketing, I am taking websites as a minimum viable marketing material and test if there’s anyone in this targeting that would be interested in my product, if there isn’t, change direction and start something else.

Ask me any questions you may have, I’ll be glad to share more on lean marketing!

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