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Make money online automatically – behind the scenes Part 1

The truth behind make money online programmesI’m sure this thought must have crossed your mind at some point of time.  I want to make money online and it is easy, fast and automated. The people behind these making money online sites probably do nothing all day and get money presented to the automatically?  That’s what the successful people portray and it seems all legit with the income statements to prove it to you. What goes behind the scene of these successful people who made it big online like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg?

Making “make money online” your business

Of course you got to treat making money online as a business but the truth is, many start this out as a hobby instead.  Yes, it applies the same if you are running your own business.  What happens is that most business owners or self employed get online as a project. They don’t see it as another business to run altogether!

Take a look at this statistic about how business fails.  I would consider an internet business under the category “Information”.  Why information? Look at a website, what do you see? Words, videos, songs/podcasts.  These are information, you are selling information. When someone believes your information (get buy-in) then you get paid for your product or service and surprisingly, informational businesses have the lowest success rates, only 37% are still operating after 4 years!  Not to mention the usual statistics that 95% of businesses fail within 5 years and a good portion of it within a year.

How to run a successful business online?

I’ve been in the online marketing scene since 2007 and I realised something, that successful people put in a lot of effort before shouting to the world and make it seem like an overnight success story.  Read from this link about overnight success.  However, on the average, I read, it takes just under 10 years to make a million dollars if you have the right stuff in  place for your business.

What are the right stuff to make money online for any business then?

Follow the man with the map! You need a plan.  A plan is as simple as making some products at home and selling them in eBay.  What you need is a systematic plan that builds up interest and crave out a market place for your product. If you are already selling stuff successfully offline, then going online might be a lot easier.  If you don’t have a plan, find a coach or mentor who has walked the path and get him to show you the way! Let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of Christopher Columbus in the world that are great at exploring the unknown and comes back alive to tell the story.  So follow the man with the map who has walked the road and came back alive to tell the story!  A plan has many parts to it, I shall talk more about this later this week.

Next, you need a supportive environment to make money online.

A supportive environment means that there is at least a group of supporters or as Seth Godin calls it, a “tribe”.  This tribe will be your dedicated followers and support (not blindly) you and prod you in the correct direction.  If you are currently fighting your own battles like the all time classic One Man Army, Rambo, then it can get rather depressing at times. The best measure of online success is the ability to earn money online and be able to share the happiness and fulfilment with a group of like minded people.

Think about it, if you have achieved something won’t you want to share it with someone as well? This form of positive feedback keeps businesses going forward and chances are you will want to teach another person to make the same money online and lead the same lifestyle as you do!

After after you have put in all your time, effort and passion into this make money online business and have enjoyed success from it, then you will be able to appear in front of your Tribe and look as if it all happened overnight.

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