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New Content Marketing Era

If you have never considered content marketing or do not know what it is, it’s time to start. The digital age is moving towards information sharing and is the next wave to catch us especially with the rising affordability of tablets and eBook readers (like Kindle fire HD going for 149USD)

Ebooks are also (almost) costless to produce and publish. If done well, you might be able to lend yourself some millions or like this author negotiate a 6 figure traditional book deal.

 Yups, the world is evolving and many new authors are creating valuable content everyday!

Content Marketing Redesigned

content marketingContent marketing used to be all about writing a keeping a blog with specific keywords, or writing articles and submitting them to countless article submission site. Then getting these articles to point back to your main website. Ever since major search engines did an overhaul of their search algorithm, many of these websites got penalised for artificially manipulating search engines and also for posting duplicate contents.

The new era of content marketing is still centred around content creation but more for giving value, very often this value can became a good source of income for the company or even individuals.

Let’s take writing ebooks as an example:

If you sell an ebook on Amazon for 2.99 and qualify for their 70% payout you earn $2.093 per sale. Let’s take a look at some simple ebook like this

Content Marketing by eBook example

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Handbook going at US$2.99, we’ll do a simple calculation and say it sells 10 ebooks a day.  That will work out to approximately $20.93 everyday.  Not much to shout about and definitely not able to make you rich for sure.

Here is the real content marketing genius part. Take Jeff Goins as an example, he gave away a free ebook and it got downloaded 24,000 times within 3 days.  What happened next drove him crazy, his site visitorship increased by the same number! All he did was to publish a book, put on Kindle as a free download and in the book, he added a link back to his site and readers naturally visited it!

How cool is that?  If you’re not looking at giving away an ebook for free.  Working on our previous set of numbers (earning $2.093 per book) how do you like being PAID $2.093 for each lead that comes to your website?

Got a cooler idea? Share with us below!

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