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Social media monitoring systematically

Social media monitoring made easy

Anyone who’s tried monitoring the internet for their own business or companies without a unique name will find it almost impossible to do so without sifting through all the noise.  Take Hewlett-Packard for example, the community knows them for HP due to their good branding exercise.  However, if you were to do a social media monitor search for hp on tools like social mention you’ll be in for a good surprise!  A whole load of references to some foreign languages and mobile phones (some places like Singapore refer to mobile phones as handphones – hp)

So how do we filter out the noise?

Social Media Monitoring made easy but not-so-quick

To monitor what social media is talking about your brand, product or company, you need to find the relevant keywords in each of your company’s influence circle.

Take hp for example again, they sell a huge number of products. Let’s just focus on their printers.

If I were in charge of social media monitoring of hp’s printer division I would split up my efforts into a table like this

Common Names
This are the terms that people know your company for.

In our example, it could be “hp”, “photosmart”, “officejet”, “laserjet”, “latex” and you start to build this list.

Functional Names
These are functions in which your industry or consumers know you fulfil.

We have like “printers”, “all-in-one”, “scanner”, “network printer”, “borderless”, etc..

Some common problems relating to your industry.

Our list will probably be “paper jam”, “low ink”, “can’t detect”, etc..

Which industry do you service? Like “home”, “print shops”, “corporate”, “enterprise”, etc..

Look at your distribution channels what carry or promote your products. Don’t forget trade events or computer fairs that your resellers might run promotions.

You may have “Amazon, eBay, Harvery Norma, Home Depot, B&H” and the list goes on.

Use a spread sheet to tabulate the data, then cross match the words and do some social media monitoring this way.

For example “hp photosmart all-in-one enterprise amazon” You don’t have to mix all the 5 categories you can just do with 2, like “network printer eBay” mix what makes sense and also what doesn’t. You never know what people says outthere.

Soon you’ll get a long list and you’ll see which are the keywords that you brand is being mentioned the most.

This will make your social media monitoring effort so much more systematic and easier.

Last step in social media monitoring

After you’ve done all that I’ve mentioned, you’ll want to repeat again for each of your competitors to know what are they facing. I can see all the face palms coming.

Hey face it, you want to know what people are saying about your competition and where you stand right?

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