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Instagram video marketing for viral marketing content

video marketing clip screenshot87% of online marketing efforts use videos, with Vine and Instagram’s new video feature to generate great viral video marketing campaigns. How do you create viral content in just 15 seconds?

A videos have 4 key components:

Message,  Emotions, Satisfaction & Share provoking

Watch the potential viral video marketing  clips I gathered from facebook and see how they fulfil the 4 criterias.

PS: If you tried to click on the image that looked like a video, this image fulfilled the components to succeed.

Why do people want to share your video marketing stuff?

People share because it provokes a certain emotions enough to make them want their friends to go through the same emotions.

If you watched a video that’s really funny, you’ll want to share it with your friends.

If the video made you really angry, you want to rally your friends together against this video.

If the video made you screamed in fright, you want to pull the same prank on your friends

If the video made you really happy and gave you really good emotions, you want your friends to feel good too.

So what’s does all that mean? There are 3 broad categories of people who share videos according to this mashable post.

  1. They truly want to share the same emotions they went through or seek affirmation like “Is this real?”
  2. They want some attention and wants to be seen sharing something worth sharing
  3. They want to reign supreme over the video proving “I am better than this” and go on spotting all the mistakes in the videos and such.

Regardless of which category the “sharer” is, you got to make your video marketing viral.

The 4 components of a viral video

Message: Every viral video has a message behind it, intentional or not it will have one.  A message is one that resounds with a person’s values or needs.  Some common ones we possess are:

  • Safety
  • Curiosity / Amusement
  • Want to be happy
  • Fairness
  • Freedom
  • Sense of achievement

Having a message is insufficient, we need to trigger something else for your video marketing to work.

Emotions:  The age old say, “content tells – stories sells” Your message is your content, while the way you present your content is the story that hooks emotions from everyone.

Satisfaction comes from the result of having a mental itch scratched.  What this means is you create an interest trap right from the start of the video and viewers are interested to find out what happened next.  Some common tactics are:

  • “What will happen if”: doing something where a normal people won’t do and giving the result
  • “What’s in the box?”: Covering an important element on purpose
  • “Take this”: Showing the end result trigger interests like “how did this happen?”

Think of other tactics you came across that worked for you. It might work on others too.

Share provoking or the shareability factor is the tipping point of a video where you made up your mind to say “I must share this!”  It is also how much you believe this video to be true and can support your behaviour of sharing (the 3 types of sharer stated above)

Making viral video marketing campaigns

The virality of your video hinges on how much your viewers want to share your message (in this case the video). If it resounds with them, they share if, it doesn’t it gets dunked.

Let’s watch a couple of 7 second videos, after watching each video, ask yourself if you would like to share this video and note your decision down somewhere.  Here are the videos:

At time of posting there are 4221 shares and 19819 likes for this 7 second clip.

7935 Likes 2350 Shares

5001 Likes 1052 Shares

6875 Likes 1788 Shares

Let’s do the 4 component analysis used in a video marketing campaign above

Video 1

Message: Possibly safety and hooks your curiosity “I never tried that before! What would happen?”

Emotions: Fear (that OUCH! feeling),Awe – What’s gonna happen next…

Satisfaction: Amusement to see someone fall out of a basket, there’s a bit of

Share provoking? That’s a YES for me!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below what you think worked for you for the other videos!

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